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* Learning activities from a different perspective – for students with diverse learning styles

How to book / Cancel

Cancellation / Reduced Numbers Policy

Please make sure that permissions within school or college are gained before confirming events with providers. In previous academic years, avoidable late cancellation of events meant that the goodwill of academic staff was eroded and over 200 places for young people were wasted at a conservatively estimated cost of £6,000 in staff time, contracted pay for ambassadors, external providers and resources.

It is also becoming extremely common for schools to bring far fewer students than originally booked. This has implications in terms of the overall student experience but also university staff time, funding and impact.

Once an event has been confirmed by the school, cancellation, or considerably reduced numbers, may incur a minimum charge of £100 to the school, plus any other direct costs which cannot be charged elsewhere. Decisions on charging will be made by the REACH Partnership Management Group.