Activities | Year 10 | Post 16

Careers Bootcamp


This all-day experience will allow students to work in small groups, alongside a trained ‘Employability Coach’ Student Ambassador, to develop key transferable skills, the opportunity to identify their areas of strength and for development and foster the confidence to showcase their abilities.

The career management and employability skills being taught and tested over the course of the day will ensure that every participant is able to articulate their extra dimension. Most importantly, by fostering key skills in a safe but challenging environment, we aim to build every student’s self-confidence and self-awareness in order to present the best version of themselves to Universities and employers.


Student Learning Outcomes

Understand the importance of developing key transferable skills and recognise their importance in the workplace and at university;

Develop key transferable skills, build self-confidence and self-awareness of using these skills and explain how they would be evidenced in different scenarios;

Apply transferable skills to effectively participate in activities and evaluate own and others’ performance to identify areas of strength and development.

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