Girls into STEM

Girls into STEM was a schools event for girls in years 9-13 at any school in Leicester and Leicestershire who were contemplating higher education/careers in the exciting world of science, technology, engineering and maths.

After a welcome from an inspiring STEM specialist, students explored STEM careers and tried out a practical workshop in one of the following areas: engineering, construction, computing, motor vehicle, science, accountancy.


It’s forecast that the UK needs 186,000 people annually through to 2014 with engineering skills (Engineering UK)

In the East Midlands there is a predicted need for 6% more science, research, engineering and technology professionals by 2024.

Nationally 42% of employers report a skills shortage in science, research, engineering and technology

(Source RCU)

Women are still underrepresented in STEM fields, specifically:

Only 5.5% of engineering professionals are women

Only 13% of those working in occupations clased at STEM are women

Only 1% of apprenticeships in construction, planning and the built environment are occupied by women

Only 20% of A’Level physics students are women and this is unchanged for 20 years.

(statistics from Through Both Eyes The Case For A Gender Lens in Stem, Science Grrl)

Further information

The day is funded through the Government’s National Collaborative Outreach Project (NCOP) which aims to introduce learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to higher education.



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