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Interview Skills Workshop: An Introduction


This can be a pre-activity to the Mock Interviews. Students get the chance to learn about different types of interview questions and why employers might ask them. Students will work in groups to analyse an example STARS answers and work individually to write their own answer. In groups, students will use example job descriptions to come up with questions that they might expect to be asked based on job requirements. The workshop is also an opportunity for students to practice being both the interviewee and interviewer to understand further what an employer or admissions tutor might be looking for at interview and develop their own interview technique  using the questions they devise. We will also consider how ‘power’ posing and positivity can be used in the lead up to an interview.

Learning Outcomes

Know three different interview questions types and why they are used;

Analyse the effectiveness of example answers using key criteria and justify reasoning;

Understand how to use a job/course description to pre-empt interview question topics;

Apply learning to own interview technique and practice with a peer.

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