Activities | Post 16

Interview Skills


Students get the chance to learn about different types of interview questions and why employers might ask them. Students will work in groups to analyse an example STARS answers and work individually to write their own answer. In groups, students will use example job descriptions to come up with questions that they might expect to be asked based on job requirements etc. The workshop is also an opportunity for students to practice being both the interviewee and interviewer to understand further what an employer or admissions tutor might be looking for at interview and develop their own interview technique  using the questions they devise. In the final workshop, students will be given the opportunity to write, articulate and refine their answers.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the types of questions that may be asked at interview and why;

Reflect on the ways in which you could use experiences as examples at interview;

Practice writing answers using the STARS technique;

Create questions an employer might ask based on an example job description;

Practice your own interview technique and offer peer feedback based on your learning.

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