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Medicine Summer School


The Medicine Summer School provides school students with the opportunity to get a glimpse inside an emergency department and learn how to test and diagnose patients using real-life equipment that you would find in any hospital. Students will also consider some of the most contentious ethical issues surrounding Medicine such as euthanasia and the rights of children to decide on their own treatment.

School students will work with current medical students and take part in lots of different hands-on activities, learning how to use medical equipment such as stethoscopes and ECG (Electrocardiogram) machines. They will use the information gained from these tests to learn about diagnosing patients, developing your problem solving and logic skills. In small groups they will take part in debates on ethics, developing their communication, presentation and team working skills.

School students will also take part in a busy schedule of social activities with the current medical students, giving you the opportunity to find out what it is like studying and living at university.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how doctors use their knowledge of human biology
  • Identify the skills doctors use and develop own skills
  • Consider the career paths within Medicine and Healthcare


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