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Mock Interviews


There is no better way to practice interview skills than in a Mock Interview situation. We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to practice articulating their motivations and competencies, with trained staff and ambassadors providing thorough and useful individual feedback. Ahead of the Mocks (either in the Interview Skills Workshop or via email correspondence with school), students will be provided with their brief and a list of 8 interview questions that they should be prepared to answer in their Mock Interview. Students will be provided with ample support to ensure they are feeling confident in their preparation and ability. The interviews can be tailored to university admissions or job/apprenticeship interviews, where required.

Learning Outcomes

Assess and deliver feedback to peers based on criteria to recap learning from Interview Skills Workshop (if applicable);

Practice your interview skills in a Mock situation

Evaluate your own practical interview skills using feedback given and set SMART goals to enhance

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