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Photography and Video Taster


Please note whilst this activity aims to widen participation it is promoting a specific opportunity at Leicester College.

The Foundation Degree is a post A level, two-year, full-time Course. Foundation Degrees have an emphasis on work related learning. This can include work experience, employment, work related projects and placements.

Everyday of our lives we consume hundreds of photographic images in newspapers, in magazines on billboards, on the internet and now even on our phones. Our culture relies upon the photographic image as much as any other medium to inform, record and entertain us.

The Taster Day

This taster day will introduce you to the photographic route of the FD in Photography and Video at Leicester College. The taster day like much of the course will be “hands on”. You will be introduced to 35mm format photography, shoot, develop and print your own Black and White film. You will also have a chance to talk to other HE Photography and Video students currently at the college.


1000 – Arrival at SMC reception/registration

1015 – Studying HE at your local college

1030 – 35mm SLR Camera Workshop + Shoot.

1200 – The FD Photography course explained

1230 – Lunch (Technician to process film)

1300 – B+W Printing Workshop using negatives from your shoot.

1445 – Taster Day Evaluation, Q+A’s.

(Please note we reserve the right to modify and change content as necessary)

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