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Varsity Cricket


Students make their way around the cricket grounds learning about a different aspect of Cricket. Students will attend three different workshops on the day and will have the opportunity to look around the grounds on a guided tour. One workshop is related to the maths behind cricket looking at averages and calculations that are involved in a sport like cricket, the second workshop is a chance to get active and have a go at playing some indoor cricket. The last workshop will include information on alternative careers in sport – that aren’t related to playing the sport- but supporting the running of it. Students will also get a free ticket to attend the Varsity match between University of Leicester and De Montfort to experience cricket at a university level as well as access to the Pro T20 match after the event. This event is typically held in May.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the link between Mathematics and sport
  • Be able to use these skills when playing the game themselves or watching the cricket match To be inspired or to learn more about a career in sport

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