How to book

Information on how to book

Please read the booking process for our activities. This includes information about identifying your WP cohort and what we do with the information we collect.

Planning a programme

Information on how to plan a programme of activities across year groups and prepare for your visit

We are very keen to ensure that resources and activities are allocated appropriately. Therefore we ask you consider the following before booking.

  • Read through the activity information and check what is on offer.
  • Share the activity information with other colleagues in your school or college who will be interested in planning aspiration and attainment raising activities.
  • Consider undertaking a range of activities, with a number of Year groups, and try to engage with each university where possible. This will provide your students with a varied insight into HE and the different opportunities available
  • Decide which activities you would like to make provisional requests for in the 2015-2016 academic year. Please bear in mind the need to focus on students from your widening participation cohort and to develop coherent packages of activities.
  • Target your learners. Widening participation cohort pupils should be given priority.
  • Liaise with your School Trip and Visit Advisor to ensure that all relevant risk assessments and consents have been completed on time

The partnership has designed some ideal progression routes for schools to take, if they so wish, in order to maximise the opportunities of the young people taking part. These are not the only progression routes available and are simply given to identify potential ideas which could be used as a template for building the individual schools suite of activities. To view these please see associated resources.

Identifying your cohort

Information on which students to bring on events and how to identify them.

Most schools should  have access, via the Local Authority,  to a set of data that identifies a discrete cohort of Widening Participation (WP) students. These students have been selected using widening participation identification criteria established by the REACH Partnership.

Some REACH activities may not require targeting of students.  However, in order to ensure resources are utilised appropriately the majority of activities on offer will require schools and colleges to use the WP data supplied to carefully select the students to take part. For these events we ask that at least 2/3rd of the students selected should come from this cohort list. This will ensure that students are correctly identified whilst retaining some flexibility for schools and colleges to include some students, who although not in the official WP cohort, would, in the professional judgment of staff, benefit from a WP activity.

Information about your WP cohort, particularly the students from the cohort who participate in WP activities, will be tracked and collected in anonymised format. Should you require any further information or clarification regarding your WP cohort data please contact Tim Farthing

If you have queries regarding how the data is stored and used you can find out further information on the EMWPREP website


We are committed to ensuring our outreach activities and staff CPD are as inclusive and accessible as possible and we are working towards being fully inclusive. We already offer many services such as:

  • Wheelchair access and accessible locations
  • Hearing loops (automatic and necklets – these need to be booked in advance through the NNCO Disability Officer)
  • Parking for mobility impaired people (by prior booking) •Sign language interpreter or a palantypist (two weeks notice required)
  • Catering for different dietry requirements (one week notice required)
  • Printed documents in Braille (two-three weeks notice required)
  • •Access to prayer rooms


Should you require any of the above, or should you have any additional requirements in order to attend our activities, please inform the activity organiser as soon as possible and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.


Details of how to enquire about and book an activity can be found on each individual activity page.  Contact the activity provider(s) directly using the details provided on the contact pages to register your interest in activities and to agree dates.

  •  Please ensure you have returned any paperwork prior to your activity date.
  • You may also be asked to return a code of conduct.
  • On the day teachers are expected to monitor student behaviour and encourage participation where necessary


Monitoring and Evaluation

Information on why we collect data and how we evaluate the impact of outreach.

Why do we need to collect data on the students taking part in activities?

We are required to report to government agencies on the types of activities we deliver and the numbers of young people taking part.

Collection of this data may also help us secure funding in the future, so we can continue our work with young people. The information provided by the parents/carers of students will only be used for research purposes and any personal data we collect is strictly confidential.

What data will be collected and how?

  • Data collected on participants will include:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Postcode
  • Occupational background (occupation of chief wage earner in the participant’s household)
  • Parent/carer experience of Higher Education School/college/training provider
  • Details of activities taken part in

We ask schools to ensure that the parents of students attending our events, both on campus and in school, complete our REACH Partnership consent form which allows us to collect and report on this data. Schools and colleges are asked to highlight to parents/carers the need/importance of the completion of this form, and their agreement to use the data. We will also collect evidence through the completion of evaluation forms given to participants at the end of an activity.

What will be done with this data?

Information about your WP cohort, particularly the students from the cohort who participate in WP activities, will be tracked and collected in anonymised format. The purposes for which the REACH Partnership will use this information is as follows:

It will enable us to ensure that the right students have been selected for activities and report this information to government agencies.

It will enable us to make some tentative judgements about the impact WP activities and whether interventions have contributed towards student attainment and progression.

This analysis data can be made available at individual school level and could be used for a variety of purposes, (governor training, Ofsted visits, reporting on pupil premium etc). Participant data will be input to a regional monitoring and evaluation database jointly used by the three universities. This will be subsequently analysed to enable dialogue with schools, colleges and other organisations to improve targeting as part of an iterative process.

Data Protection Considerations

To ensure data protection requirements are met, parental/carer consent will be obtained (where appropriate) for participants’ data to be processed, including input to the monitoring and evaluation database, and shared amongst specified partners. Consent statements will form part of the aforementioned data collection forms distributed to parents/carers or learners, as appropriate. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact the Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Co-ordinator on 01509 223462/