JEM – Junior Emergency Medicine Event


JEM – Junior Emergency Medicine – 22nd & 23rd September 2017

The REACH partnership was recently able to support a collaborative event between two of our local universities. Coordinated by Dr Navin Leanage, the Junior Emergency Medicine (JEM) event gave post-16 students the opportunity to learn acute clinical skills from current undergraduate students at the University of Leicester and De Montfort University. The event which spanned across two days on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September 2017 was hosted at each of the institutions and made use of the equipment and facilities that the universities use to teach their HE students.

The aim of JEM is to give prospective healthcare students an engaging and educational simulation experience of acute clinical practice and an insight into their chosen career.
The students were able to gain hands on experience of:

  • Being part of a simulated emergency assessment team
  • Undergoing simulations similar to those used to train healthcare students
  • Valuable practical skills normally taught to medical and nursing students
  • Application hints and tips from the students themselves
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    A total of 54 students attended from 11 local colleges and schools including; Ashby School, Beauchamp College, Brooksby Melton College, Brookvale Groby Learning Campus, Hinkley College, Leicester College, Loughborough College, Rawlins Academy, Regent College, Wreake Valley Academy, Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College.

    These students were given a unique chance to meet and work with current medical students and nursing students allowing them to get an insight into applying for courses and the practicalities of being a student on the course.

    Feedback from Students:

    “The lectures, case studies and simulation sessions were very beneficial. JEM provides a great understanding and insight of how it will be to work as a nurse”

    “I am now confident that applying for nursing/midwifery is for me!”
    “I found this session gave me insight into my chosen career”

    Findings and Impact:

    94% agreed that they had knowledge of admissions following the event compared to 60% at the start
    95% felt that they had a high to some level of understanding of clinical environments following the event compared to 73% at the start
    98% agreed that “JEM has helped prepare me for applying to Medicine or an allied Healthcare Profession” due to the “clinical exposure”, development of “clinical skills” and “interview preparation” gained.

    If you would like your students to be involved in the event this year please apply here.


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