Loughborough University: Pre-Visit Documents


The purpose of this information is to provide you with the forms and information that will assist you with planning the event from your end.  Please note these do not constitute a booking request and you should have already confirmed your booking with the relevant institution.

Documents that do require a response:

One for each student: Parent_Carer_Consent_Loughborough

or for POST-16 Students Post16_Consent_Loughborough

Code of Conduct: Code-of-Conduct-Outreach

Activity Register:Activity Register – Outreach

Documents that do NOT require a response and are for your information only:

Pre-Event Info: Pre Event Info – Outreach

Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment 2016-17

Liability Insurance: Public Liability Insurance 2015-2016

All of the forms in Section 1 that do require a response need to be completed and returned to 

Please note when booking a REACH event your are entering into an agreement to attend the specified event and i the event of cancellation we are liable to charge a fee – for more details the REACH cancellation policy is laid out here.