Pathways Year 12 Residential Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Pathways Year 12 Residential 9-10 July 2018

We want all participating students to enjoy their experience. You will be expected to show responsible behaviour whilst attending the residential event and respect the rights of other participants and members of staff.

By signing this code of conduct, you agree:

  • Not to bring or consume alcohol on the University Campus;
  • Not to purchase or use any illegal substances;
  • Not to smoke in any University building, including the halls of residence;
  • To remain in your own bedroom after the 11.00pm curfew every night;
  • To attend all timetabled activities, unless you have the expressed permission of a member of staff;
  • To seek permission from a member of staff if you need to leave the campus at any time during the residential;
  • To follow any procedures as directed by members of staff in the timetabled activities;
  • To follow any emergency procedure, such as a fire drill, as directed by members of Loughborough University staff.

Serious incidents of misbehaviour: In the event of serious incidents of misbehaviour, such as fighting, racial abuse, the use of illegal substances, or the breach of the conditions above, the participant(s) concerned will not be allowed to continue on the event and will be required to return home.