Post-16 Programme Update


Kathryn Johnson is leading on the development of a pilot Post 16 Programme which has been designed in conjunction with the Coordinator of the ‘Learner Engagement and Achievement Programme’ at Leicester College. The aim of the programme is to raise the aspirations of these learners through an interactive programme, which includes raising awareness and aspirations about Higher Education and Apprenticeships. The programme also includes taster activities in both a University and College Higher Education environment.

The programme is in its third phase and has been piloted with a group of Level 2 Engineering students (predominantly male Post 16 year olds). The first phase of the programme was launched in November 2015, with phase two delivered in January 2016.

An initial survey was conducted with the students at the launch of the programme to ascertain their views and motivations about Higher Education. The results of the initial survey were split between a) those that wanted to pursue HE; b) those that sat on the fence and c) those that did not consider HE as an option in the future. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that influenced the views of these learners, focus group discussions were carried out with the two groups that sat at both ends of the scale in terms of their motivations. The initial findings from the discussion showed that the programme had a significant impact on the views of the learners with most considering progression onto Apprenticeships or higher level qualifications following on from the awareness raising activities they had taken part in.

The learners destinations will be tracked to ascertain both planned and actual destinations.

Following an evaluation of the programme, the resources will be amended and will include links to activities for various sectors of the industry and a generic package that could be used by schools as part of careers development programme. This is likely to be launched on the REACH website in late August early September 2016.