REACH Conference 2016 – Joy Marsden


Introducing our June 15th 2016   Conference Keynote Speaker – Joy   Marsden  “Challenge, Motivation, Change”

Joy Marsden is a highly sought after full time motivational keynote speaker, inspirational trainer and coach working in Business and Education. She has worked with Pepsico, NHS, Oracle, Barclays Bank, Police Superintendents Association, County Council, Universities and schools to mention only a few. Her insights and unique methods are helping 1000’s of people to work with excellence through everyday pressures and challenges. Joy is helping people in organisations throughout the UK & Europe to bring a purpose filled, healthy perspective to the work they do in their workplace, their community, their university or school. Her approach is quite simply a breath of fresh air. Entertaining and yet highly knowledgeable, authentic and truly engaging, Joy gets her message across to audiences with both style and substance. The essence of her message: Keep Stepping through challenge, engage with others effectively, stay motivated and achieve success.

More Conference updates to follow!