Stage 1 Raising Aspirations


  • Stage 1 ‘Raising Aspirations’ sets the scene and establishes the learners starting points in terms of their views on higher level learning, their ambitions and goals. An initial survey with the learners helps to identify their starting point and can aid in tailoring the remainder of the programme. Learners begin to explore progression pathways to achieve their personal goals and ambitions. At this point some learner’s ambitions are low and need to be unpicked and then encouraged to look beyond these initial aspirations. Often the earning potential and careers associated with this can aid raising aspirations. This was particularly noted during this session in the pilot. This stage also sets out to dispel myths and realities about Higher Education. Partnership agreements and reinforcing positive behaviours, relationships and respect are wrapped around the sessions. Learners are encouraged to engage in employability tasks/enterprise challenges providing opportunities to identify and practice skills for progression and employment. 

REACH RAPP Stage 1 Lesson Plan

REACH S1 v2 power point presentation

S1 Group Agreement Example

S1 Starter Group Task Role Descriptions

S1 Starter Tasks Employability SKills

S1 T3 My Big Ambition

S1 T4 Highest hopes deepest fears

S1 T5 HE Myth Busting Quiz

S1 T6 bis-14-1250-further-education-learners-average-earnings-post-study-2010-to-2013

Optional Enterprise Session:

RAPP Optional Enterprise Session power point presentation

Ice breaker hidden colours

Starter Activity ideas on postcard

Pitch Peer Feedback Worksheet


Pamper day Planner

entrepreneur self assess quiz

App challenge planner

App Challenge brief