Stage 2 Exploring Aspirations


  • Stage 2 ‘Exploring Aspirations’ starts out by recapping stage 1 and reviews the outcomes for Stage 2. Learners are then introduced to the project ‘Exploring Aspirations’. Learners are encouraged to undertake their own research into alternative pathways that can lead to higher levels of learning, looking at the positive and negatives of each pathway. This is supported by visits from guest speakers including talks about Apprenticeships, Higher Education and Inspirations speakers from Industry. Visits to University for a subject taster day and a College Higher Education taster experience gives learners an opportunity to see for themselves what it would be like to study in this type of environment. It also helps to dispel some of the myths associated with higher education i.e. ‘I wouldn’t be able to do it, I wouldn’t fit in. Learners then work together to present their findings to the group.

REACH RAPP Stage 2 Lesson Plan

Raising Aspirations Stage 2 Powerpoint Presentation

Ice breaker Vote wiith your feet

S2 Task 2 Dream Job

S2 Task 4 Higher Level Learning Research Task

S2 Task 4 Research Worksheet

S2 Task 4 Presentation Peer Feedback Form

Optional Positive Mind-Set Activities:

These activities are particularly useful where learners have low aspirations and negative attitudes to learning and progression. Therefore, it is suggested that some of these activities are built into your sessions. 

Reach Positive Mindset Activities