Stage 3 Developing Aspirations


  • Stage 3 ‘Developing Aspirations’ again starts with a recap from stage 2 and reviews the outcomes for Stage 3. This stage is designed to prepare the learners for transition to the next level of learning, whether it be onto a Level 3 programme, Apprenticeship or employment. The learners engage in activities designed to set out their 3 year career plan, interview preparation and practice. Leicestershire Cares were used for the interview practice and if this is what delivery teams wish to use in the future, it must be booked in advance of the programme. Learners are encouraged to complete and maintain their own progression planners which includes self-development and reflection journaling. There are additional option sessions which can be incorporated into this stage of the programme. Schools and Colleges will often have their own career planning tools which can also be used in conjunction or in place of this stage.  A certificate of achievement is available as a download and can be awarded in whatever way is deemed appropriate to the learners at the end of the programme.   At this stage a final survey is completed by the learners and asks about their progression arrangements.  All the learners on the Level 2 Engineering Pilot Programme had secured progression either onto a Level 3 programme, An Apprenticeship or had been offered employment – one with Formula 1.

RAPP Stage 3 Lesson Plan

Raising aspirations stage 3 powerpoint presentation

S3 Task 1 Career Matching Self Assessment Tool

S3 Task 1 Optional Inspirational Careers Task

S3 Task 2 Princes Trust Hire Me Guide

S3 Task 2 RAPP Career Planner Booklet

S3 Task 2 RAPP Career Planner Worksheet

S3 Task 3 Covering Letter

S3 Task 3 Job Adverts

S3 Task 5 Listening skills

S3 Task 5 Active listening practice task

S3 Task 6 An-example-of-Star-Model-and-how-to-use-it

S3 Task 6 STAR Practice worksheet

S3 Task 6 TIPS Preparing-For-An-Interview

S3 RAPP evaluation tool

Certificate of Achievement Template1