Publication on Widening Participation


REACH Researchers Dr N. Raven and Emma Church have recently been published in a landmark Widening Participation book – Closing the Gap: Bridges for Access and Lifelong Learning

Dr Neil Raven who has recently completed three research projects for the REACH Partnership is an independent research and evaluation consultant with over 18 years of experience in the development, management and evaluation of educational projects and programmes.

Emma Church is the lead for the East Midlands Widening Participation and Evaluation Partnership (EMWPREP) and has worked with REACH on numerous projects. EMWPREP provides all the monitoring for the targeted REACH WP activities and has recently worked with local schools to streamline the process.

The book itself was published by FACE and provides key insights into recent WP developments. The two chapters from Emma and Neil are listed below:

Church and N. Raven. 2016. ‘Tracking the learner journey: an approach to the interrogation of large datasets.’ 

An exploration of how existing datasets can be used to track the journeys made by learners as they move from being outreach participants to university applicants. 

Raven. N. 2016. ‘The school perspective on widening access: a consideration of the barriers, enablers and drivers that inform institutional engagement.’  

An examination of the forces influencing school engagement with the outreach agenda. 

Details of the book:

Hill, M., A. Hudson, S. Mckendry, N. Raven, D. Saunders, J. Storan and T. Ward (eds).  2016. Closing the Gap: Bridges for Access and Lifelong Learning. London: Forum for Access and Continuing Education.