Useful Resources

Education Champions are those based in a school/college setting with a remit to support young carers and their education. This role may be to liaise with other colleagues in order to advise them on a student’s needs, to promote awareness of young carers across the institution, or to help formally identify those students who are suspected of having caring responsibilities. To help aid you with this task, we have compiled a number of resources which may be of use:

In School & College Resources

To help support the work being carried out in schools/colleges, there are a number of visual assets, such as posters and guides that you may wish to print and use with your young carers. You may also find these of use when training other colleagues on how to spot and support students with caring responsibilities in your own institution.

Research and Reports

A significant amount of research is carried out each year into the impact of caring responsibilities on children and young adults and how we can best support them with these additional responsibilities. The latest findings can be found and reviewed here:


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